Nordic Course 2020: Lectures on Mahamudra by Lama Ole Nydahl

Portrait of Lama Ole Nydahl during one of his lectures

The Nordic Course is a relatively recent touring “tradition” with our main teacher Lama Ole Nydahl visiting one of the Scandinavian countries every few years and giving lectures there, as opposed to the more accessible and populous mainland Europe and the big countries in the rest of the world that he spends most of his time in.

This year, the Nordic Course will take place in Oslo, Norway. The lectures will focus on the essential teaching of Karma-Kagyu lineage, Mahamudra. They will take place over the weekend of 5th to 7th of June.

It will be almost 5 years since the lama last visited Norway and we are very glad to be able to welcome him back and host him again!

Watch this page for updates on the upcoming event, including registration, program and other information.


The program is preliminary and may change.

Friday, 5th of JuneTBALecture on Mahamudra by Lama Ole Nydahl
Saturday, 6th of JuneTBALecture on Mahamudra by Lama Ole Nydahl
Sunday, 7th of JuneTBALecture on Mahamudra by Lama Ole Nydahl


Price of a day ticket is NOK 300 for adults, NOK 200 for those aged 14-18, and for free for everyone younger than 14. The second parent of a child under 7 years old gets a 50% discount on their ticket.

Prices for accomodation apply.


The course will take place in the Rykkinn Hall (“Rykkinnhallen”), a venue in the vicinity of Oslo, approximately 25 minutes westwards by car or an hour by public transport from Oslo central station.

Journey planning

If you are arriving to the Oslo Airport (Oslo Lufthavn, formerly called Gardermoen), Google Maps or (the most popular Norwegian journey planner) can help you plan your ~1hr journey to the Rykkinnhallen hall from the airport. The gist of it is that you take train R10 (Drammen), R11 (Skien) or L12 (Kongsberg) to Lysaker or Sandvika, and take bus 160E (Rykkinn, express) or 160 (Rykkinn) from there to Eineåsen, within 500m of the hall. If you find yourself in the city center, you still use the same trains and buses, only hopping on at the central train station.

Street address

Leirdueveien 73
1349 Rykkinn

GPS location

59°55’47.3″N 10°28’37.8″E

The Rykkinn Hall on Google Maps


We will be providing accomodation (sleeping) on site during the course days. The nightly price of this accomodation is NOK 100 for adults, NOK 50 for those aged 14-18, and for free for everyone younger than 14.


We will offer breakfast on site for NOK 50. There will also be food trucks to offer warm meals during the day at least, with prices ranging from NOK 100. We recommend you keep some local currency in cash for the food trucks as not all of them accept cards. Otherwise, there is a number of grocery shops (some with warm food), restaurants and cafes in Sandvika and Rykkinn (the are surrounding the lecture hall).

Families with children

There will be a dedicated area in the lecture hall for parents with small children, so that the rest of the audience can better follow the lectures. It is not a child care offering — we expect parents to accompany and care for their children themselves.


There is a limited amount of car parking spaces. We are also searching for additional spaces.


We are working on setting up electronic registration.

Questions? Comments?

For questions and other feedback, feel free to contact us at